Fire Safety Information Regarding Our Independence Day Celebration & Fireworks Show

California’s on-going drought conditions and thereby imminent fire danger is a subject that is not to be taken lightly. While, of course, the enjoyment of our guests remains paramount, it is only surpassed, in terms of importance, by the responsibility of providing a safe atmosphere for our patrons and surrounding community. The combination of the inherent fire danger that hosting a firework show carries and the aforementioned conditions makes navigating such an event very tricky.

We are thankful that, because of our unique venue layout, seasoned professional firework show planners and technicians, support and input from our local and state fire department, and an overall on-going dedication to maintaining the most safe possible experience, we are in a position to host a firework show and provide guests with what we believe is the most fantastic firework show for miles around. Still, we always take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our guests, neighbors and beloved community.

What are we doing to ensure a safe fireworks show?

As we have in years past, we’ll keep our fireworks to around (or under) 200 ft. It should be noted that, by taking this precaution, the number of fireworks we use and the overall brilliance of the show will not be sacrificed.

Also, we will have all the necessary emergency units on site, including but not limited to, Murphys Fire Protection and EMT/Paramedics on site. CHP will also continue to be especially sensitive to those who try to park on 6 Mile Rd. outside and around our venue. Those who try to do so, can almost guarantee to be ticketed and/or towed.

Of course, should we experience a notable decrease in the air humidity, higher temperatures, or increased windspeeds, the show is subject to cancellation. We will be sure to notify the public every step of the way. Again, we are so thankful for the opportunity to be able to host such an incredible event that we, as well as our community, have all been looking forward to so very much.