4 Handy Hacks for Wine Lovers

Stuck without a wine opener? Spilled wine on your favorite shirt? No problem!

These tips will help you solve those pesky wine problems like a pro.



Drop these babies into your next batch of Sangria.

For those ultra-rare occasions when you have leftover wine.

Left with an unfinished, open bottle of wine? Don’t let that precious wine go to waste! Simply pour the remaining wine into an ice tray and freeze. Use the wine cubes in recipes that call for wine. This allows for easy access and prevents you from having to open a new bottle to cook with. BONUS: Wine ice cubes are perfect for chilling Sangria.





Before you declare your shirt ruined, try our handy stain removing tips.


Sip happens. So do spills. 

Oops… I spilled my (red) wine!  To remove those dreaded wine stains, try blotting with a paper towel followed by pouring milk over the spot, letting it absorb, and rinse after about an hour. Also, try sprinkling salt over the stain and allow it to soak up the wine for five minutes.








Life Lesson: Salt is your friend.



When it’s HOT but you need to keep your wine CHILL.

Wrap your wine bottle in a wet paper towel and freeze it for 10 minutes. You can also add salt to the ice chest/bucket where you are storing the bottles to lower the temperature. BONUS: Drop frozen grapes in the bottom of your glass to keep white wine cool while you drink it. Your friends will think you are a genius. You’re welcome.







“No corkscrew? No problem. Let me see your shoe.” – MacGuyver 

We’ve all been there. You have a bottle of wine you can’t wait to open…  but there is no corkscrew in sight. Before you call 911, try popping off your shoes (yes, your shoes)!  Place the bottom of the bottle in a shoe and firmly hit the shoe against a wall until the cork loosens. Yes, it REALLY works (NPR tested it for us)!

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